Brace for Impact is a community of private investors with a mindset to invest in impact.

Join us to make impact investments the new normal.


More than 275,000 Dutch households have assets of more than one million euros. Yet only a tiny fraction of this wealth is invested in companies that are committed to a better world.

That has to change.

We want to support you to invest your money in companies that make a positive social impact. In companies that have the solutions in-house for the challenges of the 21st century. In companies that know what to do with the climate crisis, in companies that protect biodiversity or fight poverty and hunger. In short, in impact companies.

Join us and become a challenger of the world’s biggest problems: Together we learn to value impact companies. Together we measure the impact of companies against the social and financial yardstick. And together we invest in impact companies — in the Netherlands and across the border.

Together we make impact investing the most natural thing in the world.


Willem Grimminck, Brace for Impact


Making impact investing mainstream, so that capital is allocated to solution for challenges we care about. Our mission is achieved when investment practises reflect the prevailing attitudes and values of our small group of pioneers to the society of investors.


Creating a place to connect impact investors. Explore through discussion, experiences, and stories. Transform existing investment norms.


Brace for impact will organize events and media publications.

About us

Brace For Impact invites impact makers to create projects that accelerate impact investment. With this initiative, we want to connect people who support our mission of investing with impact. We do this by creating projects that accelerate impact investments with the goal to make impact investments the new normal.


BFI is an initiative by Willem Grimminck.

Together with Bram Tankink he organizes Tankelectrik events and partnered with Frank du Mosch to create The Impact Investor Podcast.


The Impact Investor Podcast

Not chasing returns, but investing in a better world. More and more successful investors change tracks and start investing part of their capital in social projects and organizations. Who are those impact investors? What drives them? And is doing something for someone else really making you happier? 'One to Watch'-founder Willem Grimminck has been working with a group of investors in Nepal and Myanmar for years. Together with program maker Frank du Mosch, he produces the Impact Investor Podcast, where they dive into the world of impact investors. Conversations about using your money to make the world a better place, doing good versus return, and the differences between traditional and impact investments.